Refillable Capsule for Nespresso, 5-Pack

 Refillable Capsule for Nespresso, 5-Pack Buy Now on

Refillable Capsule for Nespresso, 5-Pack was listed on Amazon for $9.99, selling for $15.99 USD brand new. Manufactured by My Kap LLC. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • This capsule is recyclable and reusable; Fits all standard Nespresso machines ; Create Capsules with your favorite coffee
  • 100-Percent Recyclable
  • 100-Percent FDA approved materials
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Made in USA

These capsules can be used with compatible Nespresso ® brewers: Essenza, Citiz, Pixie, and Lattissima and other Nespresso® brewers (except brewers with one pin: F897, F896, F893). For pre October 2010 Nespresso® Brewers, simply remove the red silicone ring. Use your own coffee, and make your own Nespresso espresso capsules. It’s so easy, you won’t believe someone has actually developed just what you’ve been waiting for… and it’s here now! Step 1: Fill the capsule with coffee. Press down a little, but do not pack it hard. Packing too hard, or using too fine a grind could block water from going through the capsule. Step 2: Cover the capsule and snap it closed all around. Clean the excess coffee from the surface. Step 3: Put the capsule in your Nespresso™ espresso brewer. Try to position it so that the hinged part of the capsule is facing up. Step 4: Brew That’s it! The My-Cap Reusable Capsule is made of 100% Safe FDA approved materials and is 100% recyclable when you are through using it. You’ll get the number of capsules ordered along with a cleaning brush for helping to clean the coffee from your reusable capsule, and you’ll get full instructions for use and troubleshooting. A great combo and it’s ready to use!

Refillable Capsule for Nespresso, 5-Pack

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Buy for $15.99 brand new

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