Hario Drip Pot Woodneck 240ml

 Hario Drip Pot Woodneck 240ml Buy Now on Amazon.com

Hario Drip Pot Woodneck 240ml , selling for $39.76 brand new. Manufactured by Hario. There are 62 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • capacity (number of people): 240ml (1 ~ 2 people)
  • 168mm Height width 95 x depth 95 x: size

Authentic flannel drip coffee. [Features] – full flannel drip coffee. And coffee that is filtered slowly through a small channel of the texture does not lose acidity with the original beans, astringency, bitterness and body. Coffee powder using a grinder in, poured the hot water to the extent that the entire powder is wet, pour the whole evenly get hot water coffee powder when fully bulge. After use, wash in water well filtration cloth, please keep it in the refrigerator to soak in a vessel containing the Shimizu. (This is to prevent oxidation of the oil of coffee beans left on the filter cloth. Filter cloth will be replaceable filter)

Hario Drip Pot Woodneck 240ml

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $39.76 brand new

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