Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated

 Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated Buy Now on

Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated was listed on Amazon for $15.75, selling for $15.18 USD brand new. Manufactured by Frieling. There are 13 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • 23-karat gold foil filter
  • Gold plated foil won’t alter taste or absorb flavor
  • Engineered foil openings hold back unwanted residue while letting flavor carriers through
  • Water regulator controls flow to optimize flavor extraction
  • Lid keeps coffee hot while brewing

23-Karat Gold Filters by Frieling Sure, you can spend a lot of money on a fancy coffee machine and the most exclusive coffee beans, but that’s not the whole story: If you cherish a good cup of coffee, we encourage you to give some thought to the filter: A better filter is an easy and economical way to improve the quality of your coffee. You want to taste the coffee and not the filter: Why 23-Karat Gold? Because gold is non-reactive. That means gold neither absorbs nor gives off any flavors, so what you taste is the pure flavor of your favorite coffee bean and nothing else. A gold foil filter creates a brighter, livelier, and more complex coffee flavor than brewing with paper or other metal filters. Unlike 23 karat gold, paper filters tend to give off a papery flavor while metal filters or gold tone filters tend to impart a metallic taste. With Frieling’s 23 karat gold plated foil coffee filters, there is no reaction between the filter, hot water, and the coffee grounds. Why Foil Design? The gold foil used in the production of these filters is scientifically engineered and is amazingly sturdy to provide years of service. Considered the gold standard for brewing coffee, 23 karat gold-plated foil allows the full flavor to pass through, while holding back undesirable sediment. The foil’s smooth design does not give residual coffee oils or particles a chance to hide (unlike mesh filters). Reusable-Go Green! Reusable time and time again, 23 karat gold filters are a green alternative to paper and plastic filters. They put an end to the waste of paper filters. Who wants to waste one, if not more, paper filters, every day! Help save a tree and before you know it, you saved a forest. Coffee For One Or Twelve, Anywhere Enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee at home, work, traveling or just about anywhere: Whether you are looking for just one quick cup of delicious coffee wherever you are, or wish to brew up to 12 cups conventionally, Frieling’s 23 karat gold filters are right for you. You will also like that these filters are Easy to clean Upper rack dishwasher safe BPA free Made in Macedonia, Europe Macedonia is a small country located north of Greece in South-Eastern Europe. Using the highest quality materials, the filters are constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel and then enhanced with 23 karat gold plating. Reduce waste, save money, and enjoy a better tasting cup of coffee!

Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated

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