Filling funnels for TC/10 -12

 Filling funnels for TC/10 -12 Buy Now on

Filling funnels for TC/10 -12 , selling for $27.56 brand new. Manufactured by TRE SPADE. There are 1 units left brand new.

Set of two funnels in different diameters to be joined to the meat grinder TC/10 -12 to facilitate the operations of bagging mincemeat. Dimensions: Attack: Ø cm.7.5; L cm. 16.5 Diameter: Ø mm. 10:20; Eligibility  Mincer model. TC/10 – 12  TRE SPADE Material: Polipropylene for food Manufacture: Italy

Filling funnels for TC/10 -12

Buy Now on

Buy for $27.56 brand new

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